lorem_ipsum? What's this?

lorem_ipsum is a multidisciplinary art magazine.

By nature, it's also a blog.

It's a magazine-blog, then.

Its usefulness hasn't yet been determined with precision, neither have its purposed lifetime or periodicity.

Its editorial policy is unpredictable.


Who are you guys?

Who we are and where we come from isn't important and wouldn't explain anything anyway.

lorem_ipsum's team has decided to remain anonymous, at least for the time being. 

We're just here.


Can we submit material to lorem_ipsum?

Yes. Not anymore: the project is currently on hold and we cannot accept further submissions

Every format is welcome: text, visual arts, video, music, comics, multimedia and even dance and theatre (as videos or pictures)…

It is appreciated but absolutely unnecessary for submissions to be previously unpublished/unreleased and/or exclusive.

Our publication principles are simple: one issue = one blog article = one artist = one work of art.

You can submit things at revue.lorem.ipsum@gmail.com

We will answer every submission but it may take some time so be patient. 

Published works will of course remain the sole property of their authors. Their websites will be linked alongside their works. Authors remain free to withdraw their works from lorem_ipsum at any time if they so wish.

We'll also come to artists quite often, so if one day we come to you, don't be surprised.


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